Call for Abstracts for Oral Presentations

The Scientific Committee invites authors to submit abstracts to be considered for inclusion in the Scientific Program.

Abstracts Guidelines

  1. The Scientific Committee encourages sending in recent work only.
  2. Abstracts have to be submitted in good quality English.
  3. Pictures, tables, graphs and references cannot be included.
  4. One or two sentences only on the background for the study.
  5. One sentence clearly stating the main objective(s).
  6. A summary of the methods (no more than one third of the abstract length).
  7. A summary of the main results (no more than one third of the abstract length).
  8. One sentence concluding statement.

Abstracts should be formatted as follows:

    • Length: 300 words excluding title, authors, affiliation, source of funding
      and conflicts of interest.
    • Font: 12 point Arial, single spaced.
    • No images, tables, graphs or references.
    • Title
      - Centered, bold, no capital letters except for product names or proper names.
      - Separate from the authors with a single space line.
    • Authors
      - Centered, not bold, initials and last name only using capitals, no degrees/
      - Separate from the affiliations with a single space line.
    • Affiliations
      - Centered, italic text, not bold.
      - Name of department, University/Institution/Company, City, Country (not
      postal address).
      - Separate from the body text with a single space line.


The dealine for Abstract submission is: September 1st 2018.

Please contact Dr. Mark Roest for more information about the symposium and/or abstract submission.